Kidz College Primary & Secondary School
Uniform Order

Boys – Docker style/casual dress twill slacks or black uniform shorts; no jean or cargo pocket styles. Slacks/shorts must be belted and worn at the waist. (BLACK UNIFORM BOTTOMS ONLY – STRICTLY ENFORCED)

Girls – Black uniform dresses, pants, skirts, or skorts. Shorts, skirts, or skorts must come to the knee when sitting or standing and cannot be of jean material or tight fitting. (BLACK UNIFORM PIECES ONLY – STRICTLY ENFORCED)

Girls’ Socks/Tights- solid color to match the uniform shirts, solid black (tights cover the foot), and no leggings.

Uniform Shirts – MONDAYS – KCP&SS Monogrammed Hunter Green Polo Shirt.
TUES – THURS – KCP&SS Monogrammed Red Polo Shirt.
FRIDAY – Red or Black “I AM BLACK HISTORY” Shirt

Shirts need to be long enough to stay tucked into the waistband. (UNIFORM SHIRTS ONLY – STRICTLY ENFORCED)

Jackets KCP&SS monogrammed cardigans or blazers only are to be worn. No exceptions to this rule. (UNIFORM JACKETS ONLY – STRICTLY ENFORCED)

Shoes – Monday – Closed-in black leather dress shoes; solid black tennis shoes are acceptable.
Tuesday – Friday – Any color that is in our school logo (i.e., black, white, red, green, yellow)

Jewelry – Minimal jewelry allowed. KCP&SS will not be responsible for lost or stolen jewelry.

Hair Hair must be neat, clean, and well groomed.

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